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VIP Backgammon Review

VIP backgammon is one of the many apps you can find to play backgammon online or android and IOS devices. You will find some nice features but also some limitations that bring the fun down.

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Presentation of VIP Backgammon

VIP backgammon is basically a social media game on desktop and mobile. Both are very similar and offer a nice presentation and a clear menu to pick your favorite game. You can choose to play against a bot or to challenge a real player. The more you play, the more you get experience points and game chips. Once you are high enough in the ranking, you can play in the professional category and win or lose more chips for every game.

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Homepage screen

You can play as a guest or register with your Facebook or Google account. Like all the other games of this kind, you won’t have access to all the features if you don’t register. One thing we don’t really like on VIP Backgammon is that you play on one kind of board only. Many other similar games offer plenty of choice to suit the taste of the player. It wouldn’t be a problem if the virtual board were very pleasant and ergonomic but unfortunately it is not the case.

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The design is very basic and moving the checkers around can be a pain, especially in the mobile version. Another thing that should be corrected is that you don’t have an “undo” button to change your move. Moving the checkers around to see what position looks the best is something common in backgammon. But there, once both of your dice are played, your turn is automatically finished. It is one of the things we find most frustrating about VIP backgammon. 

Our opinion on VIP Backgammon

VIP Backgammon could be one of the top online backgammon platforms or apps with few changes. First of all, the players should have access to more boards and the possibility to play a match instead of a single game. There are other backgammon platforms out there that offer many different options in terms of graphics, game mode or rewards. It looks like VIP Backgammon is just an average platform with no true identity. 

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VIP Backgammon


Ease of use






Device availability


Players feedbacks



  • - Free to play
  • - Leaderboard available
  • - Available on Mobile Devices


  • - No Possibility to play for money
  • - Not enough game mode or rewards

About the Author: David Ridel

My name is David, I have been passionate about Backgammon for many years now. I play actively live and online to perfect my knowledge and become a backgammon master. It’s a long and difficult process, but I am determined to progress and I hope we will help each other on this website.


  1. The BACKGAMMON game is rigged AF. You will eventually lose. To continue, you’ll need to spend money. Don’t be a sucker! OK? OKAAAAAY!

  2. The BACKGAMMON game is rigged AF. You will eventually lose. To continue, you’ll need to spend money. Don’t be a sucker!

  3. I filed a “bug report” saying the dice are rigged and they replied with some BS about the developers adhering to the highest standards, which is a lie. It’s completely improbable that an opponent gets doubles or the exact role needed to escape a bad situation as so often happens on vipgames. Players who buy coins get better luck, period. I’ve run through several user IDs without buying coins and it always works the same: in the beginning I win win win, then hit a brick wall and lose dozens of games in a row, down to zero and would have to buy coins to keep playing. It just doesn’t work that way in reality. If you play vipgames you’re being manipulated. BTW the fact that there is never a tie on the opening role proves that the dice are manipulated. Unless opening role ties are discarded and not shown to the player; if so why don’t they at least show the ties?

    1. I. Amen. there are many patterns that occur that are extremely unlikely. Like more double toward end of game. Also getting out of bad situations happens more often than the probability you would expect- on both sides.

  4. If playing a rigged game is your cup of tea, this game is for you. You’re throwing your money away if you buy coins.

    so many of the player use cheat programs…little children whose only accomplishment in life is buying a cheat hack…pretty sad in a way.

  5. I am also an experienced BG player and although there can be some entertaining games and the dice are a little less manipulated than other BG games, BG online is what it is. From my experience they are all rigged and most opponents are virtual bots. Pretty obvious from the get go that most games follow a script and when you come up against a highly ranked opp eg Caesar57 the rolls are laughable to say the least. Without going on and on, it is a joke like all online games

  6. VIP Games Backgammon it completely rigged. You can be crushing an opponent and the only way for them to save the game is to roll a 6 -1 and guess what they always roll. Thats right 6-1! Either that or they roll doubles whenever they need it. Complete bunch of crap!

  7. i played some 30 games
    1-most of the time i was chosen to play against the best rated
    2-always i won first round and crushed at second with many doubles for them and 2-1;1-3 for me
    3-sometimes is even painful to see that the good dices are with one side for so many games
    just a pity!!

  8. Yup…..I’m no beginner either and can attest beyond a doubt and swear on my mother’s honor that the game, as all online games….are absolutely positively rigged……but we all know this and that’s why if you have any brains at all you DON”T EVER EVER PLAY ANY ONLINE GAMES FOR MONEY……PERIOD !!!!

    That said VIP Backgammon is the closest one I’ve experienced to being even remotely realistic… if one can accept that you are rarely if ever playing against a real person….and therefore playing against a computer, as well as the hilariously rigged rolls……then isn’t it so satisfying when you do trick the computer and win a 32 cube!!!!????? …’s simply pure fun and nothing more., lol

    1. Hi Rosie. A backgammon game cannot start with a double. When you play live on a physical board, each player rolls a die and the highest one starts by playing the combination of the dice. So if both players roll the same number, they have to roll again to know who is going to start. The same principle applies online. Thus, a game will never start with a double.

      1. Yes that is true David but with a decent game it will roil the dice and show you the outcome – if both players roll the same it will automatically reset to roll again but they will see it happened and there was no software interference to correct the duplicate roll. Did you ever play Worldplay backgammon? Sadly bought out and then taken out years ago, That platform did exactly that. I have found some really bizarre. I have been playing backgammon for years and I am used to losing and seeing luck. However, I have never ever seen so many lucky rolls by opponents (often VIP members) who roll exactly what is needed despite ridiculous odds against. Sure that happens, I am content to lose games as that is why we play them after all, to have the thrill and the chance of loss but there is something very non-random going on with the coding for dice rolls on VIP which makes it very odd. I miss Worldplay terribly – not only excellent play but a sociable site too.

  9. This game is the biggest bunch of crap on the planet. I am a pretty experienced backgammon player and I have NEVER seen a game when you play against other opponents that so many games in a row the other player just crushes it with 4-5 doubles in a game. It also just mysteriously EVERY single time you make even the slightest risky move just happens to roll the exact combo that is needed to hit your pip when you have the person blocked in. I used to pay for chips on this site….no more. It’s a total rip off

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