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Lord of the Board Backgammon Review

Lord of the Board backgammon is one of many applications you can find on social networks. With a particularly nice design and large community, it is a good choice for a quick game at home or on the go.

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Presentation of Lord of the Board Backgammon

To play Lord of the Board backgammon you need to go on their Facebook page or download the app for Android or iOS. On your first connection, you will have the choice to play as a guest or to connect you Facebook account to the app. The choice is yours, but obviously if you decide to play as a guest only you won’t be able to enjoy the promotions and the rewards offered to the players.

Presentation video of Lord of the Board Backgammon

To play a game on Lord of the board Backgammon you need to have enough coin on your balance. When you register, you will get a certain amount of coin to get you started. From then, it is your mission to increase your virtual bankroll and reach the top of the ranking. You will find daily challenges and tournaments to feed your backgammon appetite.

Lord of the Board backgammon has a system where you can buy coins if you run out of them. The packages start at $2.99 until $49.99. I read some players comments saying that the dice give an advantage to the players who buy coins. Personally, I haven’t seen anything crazier on the platform than what I saw while playing live sometime.

Graphically, the game is one of the most beautiful you can find online. Playing a game is a real pleasure for the eyes, especially if you play on a tablet. Moving the checkers around is effortless and everything is clear and neat. It’s very easy to get caught and play one game after another for hours without realizing it.

Our opinion on Lord of the Board backgammon

It is one of the best social backgammon platforms you can find on the market. Visually amazing, it guarantees many hours of fun playing backgammon with your Facebook friends and people from all over the world. The tablet and mobile version of the app is especially great and we recommend that you play on your mobile device for better experience. Be ready to challenge the world in Lord of the Board backgammon.

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Lord of the Board


Ease of use






Device availability


Players feedbacks



  • - Free to play
  • - Available on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet
  • - Leaderboard available
  • - Challenges and Tournaments availables
  • - Challenge your Facebook friends


  • - Registration needed
  • - No possibility to play for money

About the Author: David Ridel

My name is David, I have been passionate about Backgammon for many years now. I play actively live and online to perfect my knowledge and become a backgammon master. It’s a long and difficult process, but I am determined to progress and I hope we will help each other on this website.


  1. what a shit game, so rigged and frustrating, you can never get passed 20,000 coins bot wins do not play, says play with real people this is a lie, you can 99% know what the next dice turn will be to make you, and if they select double, you know youve lost!!! and then it says they have one 2-0 yet never payed before …. what a load of shit!!!

  2. Biggest cheating BG game I have ever played. I never spend money on it but I still lost about 90% of the time. I keep playing on this site because I like the silly little other games to play to get free coins. I play on 3 other sites and they are no where’s near as bab as this one.

    1. Agreed! I purchased $400,000.00 and the next day they took it from and have not returned A PENNY. The pop ups to buy are so annoying, especially when you get 5 pop ups in a row and than 2 or 3 more pop up. Do not enjoy this game at all especially with all the interference.

  3. All the talk of rigged game is right, DO NOT SPEND ANYTHING.
    If you are patient, you can reach millions withou cost. Take the bonus when available and watch all the free videos, they’re worth 800 a time so you can build a nice little stash. Play the low value games and take all freebie’s, I I recently went from zero to over 7m !

  4. I have all unauthorized charges from Lord of the Board! I never ordered one thing! They are fake and a ripp off!! Watch your accounts with these people!!!!!

  5. I hate this game . I mean I have a lot of money in it but I will never invest my real money by making a purchase. The dices are rigged. And intentional for you to lose especially when you’re strategically playing and board is setup. But all of a sudden the opponent throws exact dice combos back to back to cause a loss in the game. Due to this, I’ll never invest my funds in this game and honestly I only play it when im really bored because it’s not good for anxiety.

  6. I would like an explanation on how I lose 4,000 when I double on 1,000???? This game is so rigged it’s rediculous! No fun at all!

    1. Easy to calculate. When you double at 1,000 and you get gammoned you lose 4,000. On the other hand if you win you only win 2,800 or 70% of the 4,000.

      Lose and you lose 100% of your wager.

      Win and you only win 70%.

      Combine this with the fact that even the best players in the world only win 60% of the time, you can calculate how long it will take to lose your money.

      In this game the only way

  7. The game is rigged.
    I get that they make thei profit from ads… For that reason i’m playing with this in mind:
    I will not win so I will play and take as much time as possible, that way the oponint will no see ads during game time.
    I will NOT click on their free coins based on watching their garbage ads.

    The best I can hope for this way is to stay in the same level of coins… Loose a lot but bounce back with bonus coins and the like.

    I like to play backgammon, but currently I’m focused at chiping at their profits even is it’s a drop in a see of poop.

  8. Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth of complaints…

    Yes, this game is definitely rigged. The other player (supposedly human – I don’t know for sure) is the luckiest person in the world. They get an unbelievable number of perfect dice rolls. I can be on the bar with 3 open pips in the opponent’s inner board (50% chance of getting out) and almost always have to roll 4 or 5 times before I get out (if ever). However, when the opponent is on the bar and I have all but 1 or 2 pips blocked, they get out on the 1st roll every time.

    Also, the Mega Bonus spinner is a joke! There are 12 sections, 8 of which are 3000 points or more. I have gotten 1200 (the 2nd lowest prize) on almost every spin (100 or so, by now). The only other prize I’ve gotten was 600 … the absolute lowest prize. If the game had true randomness, this would not happen.

    Any contact/complaint results in the same exact email response, claiming true randomness in their game.

    1. The pieces will not move at the end of the game particularly if you are ahead. You will lose because you run out of time. I have lost dozens of games due to this problem. The pieces always move easily at the beginning–but not when you are ahead. By the way, no opponent ever, ever loses due to time.

  9. Fucking rigged game!
    All they want is your money nothing more.
    They own me money they got money from me without I did a purchase. IT IS SCAM THEY ARE FUCKING THIEFS

    1. It’s funny that you say that your thieves you are completely 100% right all right I bought a $17 package all right I played a $60,000 coin game they took all $300,000 coins and talked about oh you are triple the amount well even everybody knows triple of 60,000 is only 180 where is the other 120,000 tokens so you are completely right they are thieves and then when you demand a refund because the game is a s*** and they’re stealing from people they refuse to give it to you all right so yes you are right they are f****** thieves everybody needs to know in the world they f****** will rob you blind and give you some b******* excuse on some thing rules that ain’t even on the f****** app oh if you go here you’ll see that a coin difference no it don’t work like that people should know what they’re playing and how it’s played before they play it okay that means you need to put it in the app in the f****** app

  10. The game is obviously rigged so that you get caught into it when you play low coin games, then when you play higher coin games… YOU WILL LOSE!
    Your only recourse, spend money that goes to the developers so that you can lose that too!!!
    Please do not play this game!!!!
    And DEFINITELY do not put any money into it!!!!

    1. Totally agree. Amazing how badly rigged it is. So obvious. Always pushing you to buy coins. Total BS! I totally hate this game. Need to have old fashion backgammon boards in the bars like they use to . Non gambling places take the gambling cube out and prohibit . How hard is that, nothing like a good game of backgammon during happy hour!

  11. The game is absolutely rigged. I have no faith in the randomness of the dice. I am tired of accurately predicting rolls. I have kept track of rolls off the bar on a two or three point game. The number of failures to come off the bar are far above random. It’s bull****. I’m done.

  12. I agree. beautiful graphics and game play but not good for your blood pressure when the opponent gets the only dice combo that will turn the game around just when you thought you were onto a winner!

  13. I agree with David. It is the best backgammon app out there. Gambling for money has its benefits and drawbacks. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. I’ve played backgammon since I was 6 years old where computers weren’t around that much. Sometimes you roll doubles one after the other and sometimes you don’t. If you’re buying coins, you should consider spending your $$ for more important things than gambling. Players can connect their profiles to Facebook or Apple, hence why you see pics and names on some of the players. Cheers!

    1. Are you a “Beach Bum” Bot? You obviously haven’t played the game much or had to pay to play. What did you get for your bogus review? What did the writer get for this review? Based on having/playing the game for how long? For free w/review?
      Free game play (like 3 days)
      About 3 days

  14. This game is a complete and utter scam and the developers need to face criminal prosecution for stealing people’s money. I have been playing backgammon for 40 years and I have never seen such blatant cheating. If they weren’t stealing REAL money, it would just be dishonest… but this is criminal. Why aren’t more people contacting the attorney general? Shame on Apple for knowing that this scam Israeli gaming company is ripping off people on their platform, but letting them to operate.

  15. I HATE THIS GAME. It has (at least) two MAJOR flaws:

    1) Dice are rigged. I’ve played for over 4 decades, so I know a little about dice throws… I have lost dozens of games by being doubled out by 3-4 dbls IN A ROW for my adversary. It is SO FRUSTRATING to be 20, even 30 pips head, yet loose 4/5 games. Also, (dice-wise) I’ve tracked who starts each game: I’ve received the opening rool twice per Ten games, and when I do, it’s almost always 2-1, 5-1, etc. My opponents consistently toll 3-1, 6-6, 6-1 to open.

    2) Idiots who open by doubling the cube…I HATE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh wait, I said 2…..

    3) The game allows those with little to no money to enter into a match with higher stakes: e.g. As I have accumulated close to 100K (which is can’t seem to get past…keep loosing), I play the 1000$ board. 3/4 times out of 10 someone with 150$, 0$, whatever is allowed to challenge me.. so these idiots have nothing to loose! Of course, mos of them immediately double. Do the math: if I win, I reap 1-200$, but they get my $2000 if they win..which they do a LOT.

    So, AVOID this one, it’s hands down the worst, most crooked game online.

    1. I disagree with the comment this person states about the opponents Bank roll. If you have more in the bank than does your opponent and you lose, they only get how much is in their bank. And as for wanting to get more for winning then you should try to gammon them. Good luck.
      I do agree it’s rigged but it goes in both directions, when you win with just the right rolls it’s great, but when it’s on the other side it’s a drag. You can’t always win.

  16. Like other backgammon games it is rigged so as a new player U win win win , then lose to the point where u need to buy more, which i will not, some of the dice roles r ridiculous ie 5/6 doubles in a row. I shall delete it.it is a pity as backgammon is a brilliant game ruined by greedy companies

  17. I have played Backgammon for 50 years. I have read books on the game & dice odds. The dice in Lord of the Board are manipulated so that the loser is given a chance during the game to catch up, given a chance to make the outcome more exciting, to promote a closer game & to encourage the potential loser to purchase more chips without feelings of inadequacy. How wonderful this game would be if dice manipulation is stopped.

  18. this game is rigged. you will find out quickly. when the game starts the server finds out who should win. you can start out nice with doubles and big punches. but as soon as you double, it changes. or just as soon as you have all your pieces in the last 6 places. then you start throwing 1 and 2 – 2 and 3 – 1 and 3 because you must not win. (It can also happen to the opponent.) The blows are not random. maybe to start with, but later in the game it’s not random anymore. at the playoffs, the one destined to win will throw doubles. you get the 3 lowest dice —– to start the game you have to click at least 7 times to shut down a lot of commercials. it’s incredible. if one wants to buy chips, one could do so at first advertising. but that is not enough. between each game, double-click to shut down a ridiculous commercial that you just shut down. Overall, I would give the game 2 out of 5 stars. i would give it one but get 2. if it was out of 10 stars i would also give it 2 stars. because it is rigged

    1. I have all unauthorized charges from Lord of the Board! I never ordered one thing! They are fake and a ripp off!! Watch your accounts with these people!!!!!

  19. Very true. This game is rigged as a mofo! Fake opponents with perfect rolls, every time. It’s extremely obvious. I’m done with this game. Don’t waste your time or your money. This should be removed from the list. It’s a scam

  20. Hi David,

    Another one here feeling ripped off by Lord of the Board. I suggest you spend a bit more time on the app before leading others unwittingly into a scam.

    Initially LOTB will match you with other live players, before delivering you into a pit of bots which systematically empty your pockets.

    They are easy to spot, usually coins no more than $7k, highest win $100k up to millions, some even have real names & photos – LOTB goes to some lengths to conceal that they are automated players.

    They all have the same style of play: unless you get your back chequers out right at the offset, and leave none vulnerable during play, you will lose by a landslide, and even if you adjust your strategy accordingly, you will only win 1 game in 10. The game allows players to communicate via emojis, but the bots do not respond to any amount of stalling and sending emojis – they will invite you for a rematch on a $200 (min wager) game if you lose, even if you allow the allotted 110sec to tick down, instead of letting them take their last roll – no live player would intiate a rematch after that 😀

    T’s&C’s are not available anywhere that I can find, but the game is unethically designed. Please do further due diligence before deciding whether this is something you want to endorse. Yes, the platform is nice but it is not entertaining to be cynically duped like this – hopefully regulators wipe this out eventually.

  21. This game sucks their IT dept must be real stupid they cant stop people from hacking it to win and also it is rigged anybody that says this game is a good one is just as stupid as the creator of the game

  22. This game is such a ripoff. I just played a game where the bot won the entire game and I had only 5 discs in home base. The bot got 4 sets of doubles in a row. EVERY roll was perfect for the bot. It got all of the discs in from THE ENTIRE BACK ARE OF THE BOARD WITHOUT A PROBLEM! I actually thought the bot was the only one playing. And when you try and contact “The Promised Land”, you can’t reach the game makers.! I will bad mouth this game every chance I get on several social media sites!!!!

  23. Are you an individual working for Lord of the Board? Or perhaps you are one of those people who manipulate the game using robotic players that have been infiltrated throughout to ALWAYS win and make real people lose, ALL THE TIME. Have you read the reviews about how the dice are rigged? Everyone is having the same experience. Anyone with some knowledge of statistics knows that the chances of getting doubles in NON-RIGGED DICE is very low, however, it happens VERY frequently with this game, and only to ensure that real people – who have bought coins – will lose, to buy more, of course! This is illegal and the online gaming industry should have legislature to penalize these games that collect money and then steal it.

    1. Hi,
      No I am not working for Lord of the board or any of the platforms I reviewed on this website. I just give my opinion concerning the gameplay, the graphics and the features. I find Lord of the board to be a nice platform to play with my facebook friends. Like I said in my review, I haven’t noticed more suspicious dice playing LOTB that I already saw live, playing with real dice. That said, I wouldn’t buy coins on this game or any other social backgammon app. Not because I think it is rigged, but because I don’t see the point or spending real money for a virtual one.

      1. I really wish that time would not run out at the end when I am winning. The pieces will not move at the end. I have used three different computers and most of the time it is not possible to move pieces near the game’s end.

    2. i have TODAY BEEN RIPPED OFF FOR 210,000 points by lordy of this board that totals 1,210 ,000 points And rating of 40 and 44 that takes thousands of games to accumulate. it’s not frustrating it’s aggravating with no recourse just plain and simple stealing ! so these corporate axe people have ruined the very nature of the game it’s RANDOMNESS . it’s not supposed to be PREDICTABLE AND THE NUMBERS OF CONSECUTIVE DOUBLES TO SUDDENLY WIN A GAME AND THE ROLLS TO HIT THAT THE. ODDS AGAINST ARE COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC THEY DEFY THE REALITY OF THE SITUATION WITH THE ODDS. BEING AROUND 5% and the hitting around 100% it’s just ludicrous to think that lordy of the boardy isn’t pandering to their customers who are spending MONEY MONEY MONEY

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