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GammonSpace Review

!!! Beware that GammonSpace is inaccessible since the 3rd of September 2020. Following the lack of communication by the management team, strongly recommend NOT TO try to open an account on this platform for the moment.

The world of online backgammon is shaking, there is a new player in town and the least we can say is that it’s not here to joke around. GammonSpace is everything I was waiting for as a backgammon player. This platform is like nothing we have ever seen in the world of online backgammon. Let me explain to you what makes Gammon Space so special.

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Presentation of GammonSpace

GammonSpace is a completely new way to play backgammon online. To enjoy the experience you need to create an account and download their software available for Windows, Mac and Android and IOS. Creating an account is totally free and once you are settled you can enter the lobby.

Once in the lobby you will realize how great this is. If you have already played online poker, you will feel comfortable instantly because the presentation is similar to the one you can find on the best online poker platforms.

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You will find a tournament section but also Sit and Go, Match and money game. Every section offers a variety of games with every kind of limit, from a few cents to thousands of euros. You start to understand now why Gammon Space is different than the other online backgammon platforms ? You have the possibility to make a deposit and win a few bucks playing your favorite game. This is common in the world of online poker but completely new in the backgammon one. The creators of the platform took the best of online poker,  transposed it on backgammon and the result is great ! For a long time, I have been waiting for a backgammon platform like this. The Android version is also great either you play on a tablet or a mobile.

Despite what we just said, don’t think that Gammon Space is only for the players who like to put real money on the table. It is totally possible to play for fun in the free play mode. You can switch from one lobby to another in just one click. You will also find free-roll tournaments that give you the possibility to win some real money for nothing.

The  lobby design of Gammon Space is elegant and the boards are also well made, allowing you to play long sessions without feeling tired.

Cherry on the cake : It offers the possibility to qualify for live backgammon tournaments all over the world. You can win your ticket and challenge the best players in the world from your living room. 

Our opinion on Gammon Space

Gammon Space is a revolution in the world of online backgammon. Never before has a platform offered so many options and possibilities to the players. Either if you like to gamble or not, Gammon Space is the choice every backgammon player should make to practice their skills and enjoy our favorite game at home or on the go.

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Gammon Space


Ease of use






Device availability



  • - Free to play
  • - Available on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet
  • - Leaderboard available
  • - Challenges and Tournaments availables
  • - Possibility to play for money


  • - Registration needed

About the Author: David Ridel

My name is David, I have been passionate about Backgammon for many years now. I play actively live and online to perfect my knowledge and become a backgammon master. It’s a long and difficult process, but I am determined to progress and I hope we will help each other on this website.


  1. All is good until you want to withdraw cash.

    So I’ve played many games. 53% wins and 47% loses. I’ve tried to withdraw some cash and it just says withdraw is approving and later rejected. I contacted support and I was told that there is a suspicion for cheating and they will monitor me for indefinite period but may take weeks ))) They didn’t say how I CHEATED and they say you can continue to play ))) Play we take our rake. It would be perfect if you lose. But problem if you win. They can easily accuse you with one of these reasons.

    “intentionally incorrectly filled data during registration and later, 2 and more accounts, using external devices or software, bots, unsporting behaviour, collaborating with anybody, unfair play etc. ”

    So I’ve once again tried to withdraw and am not playing another game until my money is in my account.

  2. Gammon space also has their own players (or associates) who plays in money rooms and gathering big money. Winners are always certain names, usually registered from Germany. They give away 30 euros in every 24 hours to attract players. You have to pay 10% fee for each game, doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Smart people shouldn’t waste their money here. Company is registered in Czech Republic, originally rubbish collecting company )). DO NOT PLAY in this platform.

    1. just to make it clear, Aysima: The rake is divided into 4 parts. 1 part is cash back, 1 part is received by the player in GS coins (can be exchanged to rewards), 1 part goes to the VIP freeroll and 1 part is the actual rake. The rake is 8% to 2% depending on the players’ VIP status.

      And yes – there are €10 guaranteed free-to-play tournaments that run on red GammonSpace 3 times a day. These freerolls are for all players with the VIP status of Private. Players with a higher VIP status can register for the given VIP freeroll and play for higher guarantees…

      There are no house players or associates! Want to know how a particular player is playing on GammonSpace and what THEIR WIN/LOSS ratio is? You can find it very easily in the player’s profile on GammonSpace!
      Do you know Phil Simborg’s words about players complaining about rolls or luck?
      It is an older article, but still holds true…

      Isn’t it better to to focus on improving your own game than blame on rigged dice? 😉

  3. Hi! I wonder if there is a possibiklity to change the desgin of the borad. I really have trouble seeing the dark checkers on the board and I can hardly see them on the bar …

    Cheers, Rubinho

  4. I keep receiving loses over & over again for no reason — my guess it has something to do w/ time limit, but I play fast — at least as fast as my opponent. I really do not understand. I would advise to beware.

    1. Hi Ron,
      we do our best to make GammonSpace the safest and fairest place for online backgammon players!
      The time limit is the same for everyone. If you think that your losses have something to do with the time limit, then we can only recommend practicing the game in matches where the time per move is longer – as ‘slow’ or ‘turtle’ … not fast or speed games…

      And of course playing games for free in our play money section to get used to the app first is strongly recommended…

      We only can repeat that our dice are random and this has been confirmed by every test we have made.

      We just love Phil Simborg’S words about players complaining about rolls or luck…
      It is an older article, but still holds true.

  5. I suggest that you don’t waste your time on Gammon Space. It’s clear that the dice are not random, rather manipulated. For example, in a deciding game, an opponent rolled 4 doubles (odds are 0.07%) in a row to start the game, all of which were perfect rolls.

    1. Hi Gary,
      our dice are most certainly random. We stand firmly behind this! We NEVER know who is rolling or what the position is. All games are analysed after they finish.
      We run regular random tests and our dice meet every stamdard they are supposed to meet. Our dice algorithms are very good!

      1. Dice algorithm is definitely fixed you would be mad betting real money. Time and time again lose from positions where near impossible rolls from opponent come up

      2. Unfortunately your rolls are not defined before the game starts. it is manipulated by your home players or associate players. Rolls are based on the situation.. Toooooo many surprises.

        1. @Aysima, @Gav – We have no influence on the outcome of a game! We do not see positions in an ongoing game so we cannot see what the position is and what the roll is! After the game is completed, we can then see the data and analyse every game with XG at its highest setting (world class).

          A part of the randomness is that dice have no eyes for positions and no memory about what has been previously rolled. No matter if this is while dancing 4 times in a row on a 2-point home board or 4 doubles in a row in bear-off.
          One evens the other out in the long run! Another part of the randomness is that there is NO specific order in the distribution of dice. That means live the same as online. Only in the very long run, all evens out and we monitor exactly those long term distributions.

          Players tend to see the 4 doubles in a row when it IS to their disadvantage, but usually forget when the opponent dances 4 times on a 1- or 2-point homeboard.

          To anyone who complains about dice, we can only recommend that they analyse their games properly (how strong the opponent was, how good you are in checkers movements, doubling decisions, take – pass decisions), and thus learn from their mistakes and improve their skills.
          Practice a lot in play money mode, where you get free play chips from us and play freerolls. We have a total of 8 of them in play money mode and 3 in real money. That’s a total of 11 free-to-play tournaments EVERY DAY. And that’s a lot of FREE backgammon action!

  6. scandalous ,Advertising watch dog i will submit a complaint to as you say play for money so naturally i expect to be paid if i win when playing for money but low and behold all i can get with my winnings is crap from a partner shop thus kissing goodbye to any deposit .i also see from Ts AND Cs you have no gaming licence so there is no way there can be any withdrawal ,very misleading .

    1. Hi Anton,
      I am not working for Gammon Space or any of the platforms I reviewed on this website. I just give my opinion concerning the gameplay, the graphics and the features. I find Gammon Space to be a nice platform to play and I never had any problems for withdraw my money. Maybe you misunderstood the terms and conditions of the bonus. Anyway, if you have any complain about Gammon Space, I advise you to contact them directly trough their official website or on Messenger, via their official Facebook page.


    1. We’re not entirely sure if we understand your comment. With the first deposit bonus we support your playing. This bonus can not be cashed out but must be used to play in the real money mode (the red one).
      For the duration of your bonus there is 0% rake for GammonSpace. We give our whole real rake back to the player. You can see the actual status of your bonus in the app, in your Cashier.
      We only have one bonus (the first deposit bonus) because we don’t force players to play for money. We want to reward them for testing our application. And not to support any form of gambling!

      If real money play is not for you, our play money games are completely free! Everyone gets 1000 play money from us to get started, and when you run out (if your balance drops below 200 play money) you will receive another amount of play money from us for free! (max once in 24 hours).
      And feel free to play our freerolls! We have not only 8 freerolls every day in play money, but also three 10 euros freerolls every day in real money!

      Should you have any questions and if something is not clear to you, our support team is online daily from 10am to 10 pm and ready to help you and answer all your questions! Just use the Live Support button inside your Cashier.

  8. The game user interface and idea are very good. But, unfortunately as almost every money game, they are coded to bring money to the house. There are house players that can be identified when you play frequently.
    Better play in the “no money” mode.

    1. Klaus, we are doing our utmost to create a safe and fair environment for real players. An interface without ANY form of cheating. This is our business plan. There are no “home players”. GammonSpace employees are contractually strictly excluded from the real money games.

    2. I completely agree. Those players can easily be known. Manipulating 1 or 2 rolls are enough to win the game. All the big tournaments are won by either Sandy, Rubethish (or something similar), BTCWin and etc. I have watched dozens of games and same results. Gammon space is burglar.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Yes it does. Once you know the username of your friend, you can join him/her in any game you agreed on in the lobby. You can also search a player by username and see if he/she is currently online.

    1. Hi George, do you still have this registration problem? Are you sure you put the good country code for your phone number? If there is still a problem you can contact GammonSpace customer service via their website or Facebook. They usually answer quickly and are very helpful. May the dice be with you!

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