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Backgammon Studio Heroes Review

If you are looking for a platform that can teach you a lot about our favorite game, Backgammon Studio Heroes is one of the best learning centers one can find online. Read up our complete test to know more about this Backgammon platform.

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Presentation of Backgammon Studio Heroes

Backgammon Studio recently became Backgammon Studio Heroes, a new version of the server with more features and better graphics. Creating an account is totally free and gives you access to a lot of nice features in order to improve your backgammon skills

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The first thing you can do is obviously play with the people of the Backgammon Studio community. You can challenge anybody in a match play by choosing the length and the rules of the game. The graphics of the platform is clearly not its biggest strength, but they are still fine and pleasant, especially in the newest version. You will also find daily tournaments of different lengths.

If you don’t feel like playing, but rather focus on game theory you will find a lot of options on the practice section of Backgammon Studio. You can first watch a lot of matches played by masters uploaded on YouTube. You can also take the checker and cube quiz to see if you think like an expert and chat with the players online to get a lot of good advice and lessons. 

Our opinion on Backgammon Studio Heroes

We can compare as the Swiss Army knife for backgammon players.

You will find a lot of features on this platform that will help you improve your skills and become a better player. On top of that, the graphics are pleasant and the community of players is composed of some of the best online. It is definitely worth a try for any player willing to get to the next level on the cruelest game.

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Backgammon Studio Heroes


Ease of use






Device availability


Players feedbacks



  • - Free to play
  • - No registration needed
  • - Leaderboard available


  • - Not available on Mobile Devices
  • - No Possibility to play for money

About the Author: David Ridel

My name is David, I have been passionate about Backgammon for many years now. I play actively live and online to perfect my knowledge and become a backgammon master. It’s a long and difficult process, but I am determined to progress and I hope we will help each other on this website.


  1. I agree. I think the dice are manipulated against the rolls you need to make good plays !! I’m finding that I don’t like the site that much as the dice rolls are not really random. Play in person. Online sucks

  2. Good but frustrating site

    Bots as you expect are given the best dice throws and you sit on the bar for ages. In one game I could come in everything but a six, I threw 3 double sixes.

    I believe some players on site are bots ( usually with a match to 7), maybe to plump up the number of users, as it played the same as a bot
    Sometimes dice don’t roll your way and you think how did that happen but that’s dice for you, I get that, but consistency of the dice going against you and for the other player is, as I say not realistic.

    Ask if they are a robot and you never get an answer but you usually get 2 better rolls of the dice

    If you want to learn, take it for what it is, a bit of fun and a nice easy to use game but once you’ve learnt join a club where you dont play someone not made of metal

  3. i am disappointed with backgammon studio, the bots are by acknowledgement advantaged which makes it all a bit ridiculous. Absolute waste of time playing the rigged bots

    1. The bots are suppose to be perfect or almost perfect now. Just don’t bet points, P.R or coins, have fun and learn.

    2. Sorry, but I often play against the bots, and win 35 – 40% of the matches. World-class players win over 45% of the time. Bots are just very good at moving optimally, in a way that makes more of their opponent’s rolls less effective, and more of their own really good. The phenomenon of thinking the dice are rigged is simply the way that some humans react to this – it has happened before, and will happen again. The Bots here are more beatable than ExtremeGammon, for example, as they are programmed to make a few errors! If you improve your understanding of Backgammon, your dice will also appear to magically improve somewhat. When real-life dice do crazy things, we tend not to look for explanations, as there is no machine to blame – because humans have the tendency to look for simple reasons for “bad” stuff happening.

      1. Till now I played 100 Matches on Heroes.
        More than 75 Matches I had the better Pr.
        But my win ratio is just 49 percent.
        Yes I know the dice are not rigged but it still sucks.
        Btw Nextgammon use blockchain verification for the dice

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