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Where to play Backgammon Online for Money?

Backgammon has been around for thousands of years and has always toggle the interest of gamblers. It is well known that the Roman emperor Constantine lost fortunes playing the ancient version of the game and was carrying a board wherever he would go. Nowadays, with the rise of the internet, backgammon has evolved and it is possible to play against millions of people around the globe. Unlike poker, playing backgammon for money is not as widespread, but there are still options out there to bet on your skill and a bit of luck. Let’s see what is the best online backgammon for money one can find on the network.

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Play Online Backgammon for Real Money

It is first important to establish what is the backgammon real money online. In short, it’s a platform on which you can deposit an amount of money and engage in a money match or tournament in order to win a prize or a reward. One can find many social apps to play for “coins” like Lord Of The Board or Backgammon Legends. Those platforms are fine to kill time, but if you are really into playing Backgammon real money online, we suggest not wasting your time on the mentioned above. You can find other better platforms where playing for money is at the heart of the gameplay.

What you want to find is a platform on which you are able to play for money with strangers in a safe and controlled environment. If you wish to play backgammon real money online with someone you already know, you can basically play on any backgammon site and decide with your opponent the stake of the game and the way the loser is going to pay the winner. But if you wish to challenge people all around the world at any given time, you need to find a platform trustworthy and completely transparent regarding the dice algorithm.

Backgammon Bet

Like in the real world, the backgammon bet is divided in two main categories. These categories are the money match and the tournament. Another way backgammon players like to gamble is by playing “Chouette”, where one player challenges a team of other players led by a captain for a certain stake per game. Each player can use the doubling cube individually and thus the amount of money one can win or lose during a session of “Chouette” can be rollercoaster-like. Unfortunately, no platform has yet developed a way to play “Chouette” online. Let’s hope this will happen in the future.

Money Game

The first backgammon bet is what we called “Money Game”. Here, each game is worth a stake and the players battle until one of them gives up. The doubling cube is obviously in play and allows players to raise the stake. The Jacoby rule is usually in place during a money game (this rule stipulates that gammon and backgammon don’t count as such if the doubling cube hasn’t been offered at least one during the game).

Match Play

In Match Play, the goal is to reach a certain number of points before the opponent. The number of points is always an odd number (we talk about a 5 points match, 7 points match, etc…). The doubling cube is also in play but the Jacoby rule doesn’t apply.

Tournament and Sit & Go

The last way to play backgammon for money is by participating in a tournament or a Sit & Go (also known as “Jackpot” for the players used to live tournaments). The main difference between the two is the number of players involved. A tournament can count hundreds of players, but a Sit & Go will rarely be over 16 people. Like in real life competition, you must pay an entry fee to participate and the sum of the entry constitutes the prize pool of the tournament. If you manage to go far in the competition, your reward will be a percentage of this prize pool ( the further you get, the higher the percentage).

Best Backgammon App to Play for Real Money

Now that you are better equipped to play your first Backgammon real money online game, where should you go? Well, in our opinion, the best platform to do so is by far Nextgammon. They offer money games, a wide variety of tournaments and many variations of the game like Tavla. You can also play with friends who also have an account on Nextgammon and decide the stake and the length of the game among other things.

Let’s not forget that in order to place a Backgammon bet, you need to put money online.  And here again, Nextgammon is top-notch as it offers a variety of deposit methods from electronic wallet to crypto currencies and more. The last point that makes Nextgammon the best Backgammon real money app is the completely fair and transparent dice algorithm that you can consult for any given roll. It is not without reason that Nextgammon is also on top of Backgammon-Rules ranking for best app and best platform as well. 

One last thing before you go try your luck. Remember to stay in control while you are playing backgammon real money online. Playing must stay a pleasure and should not be considered as a way to earn a living. Play only what you can afford to lose and never try to recover your loss by playing more and at a higher stake. May the dice be with you!

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My name is David, I have been passionate about Backgammon for many years now. I play actively live and online to perfect my knowledge and become a backgammon master. It’s a long and difficult process, but I am determined to progress and I hope we will help each other on this website.

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