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FlyOrDie Backgammon Review

In the world of online backgammon, FlyOrDie is an interesting option with several assets. Let’s find out why you should give FlyOrDie Backgammon a try or not.

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Presentation of FlyOrDie Backgammon

FlyOrDie like many other websites doesn’t only focus on backgammon. You will find many other games like blackjack, domino, gin rummy and many more. That means that many players are connected every day on the platform. Usually, around 500 of them are waiting for you to join the party. You can sign up or play as a guest, but you won’t have access to all the features if you don’t take the subscription, which is $2,08 per month. If you stay in the free mode you won’t be able to change the setting of the game, like the number of point, for example. The tournaments are also only available for the players with a subscription. We notice that you can play a match for 10 or 20 points when usually backgammon matches are only played until an odd number of points (9,17, 21). This detail makes us question the knowledge of the creators of the game about backgammon.

This is the big downside of Flyordie backgammon, because apart from that the platform is quite pleasant with nice graphics and interface.

The virtual board itself is nicely done, but we regret that  there is no proper bar in the middle. The absence of the bar creates some confusion when you move the checkers around. Another con is that the board cannot be put on full-screen and the ratio on the window could be improved. 

Our opinion on FlyOrDie backgammon

Flyordie backgammon is a decent platform if you want to play many other games than backgammon and if you are ready to pay the $2,08 monthly subscription. If you are not willing to pay, we recommend you to go find another, totally free, online backgammon website. The reason is simply that you are too limited in your options if you stay on the free version of the software. Have a look in all our other reviews to find the online backgammon platform of your dream.

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Free but limited

Ease of use






Device availability


Players feedbacks



  • - No registration needed
  • - Available on desktop and mobile
  • - Leaderboard available


  • - Free to play but limited
  • - Impossible to play for money
  • - Tournament available only with subscription

About the Author: David Ridel

My name is David, I have been passionate about Backgammon for many years now. I play actively live and online to perfect my knowledge and become a backgammon master. It’s a long and difficult process, but I am determined to progress and I hope we will help each other on this website.


  1. It is a nice platform but the way the software works takes the fun out of the game. The software is written so it decides from the beginning who is going to win. Next time you play keep track of the trend and you will see how the dice rolls to give you or your opponent exactly what is needed to win. Sometimes I can even predict what the next roll is going to be. I wonder if the dice are also rigged for the paying subscribers.

  2. Super ärgerlich, weil der Server die Ergebnisse manipuliert. Spiele backgammon und habe z. B. gegen einen Spieler hoch gewonnen, aber die Punkte werden mir abgezogen.
    Oder man will die letzten Steine ins Feld setzen und der Server ändert die Regeln, so dass man nicht setzen kann, wie es möglich wäre. Usw. usw.

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