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Agame Backgammon Review

In the world of Online Backgammon there are plenty of options to have a quick game on your desktop or mobile, some better than others. Let’s be clear about it, Agame backgammon is definitely not on top of the list of our favorite platforms. Just good enough to kill time for a few minutes, it shows too many limitations to be a serious contender compared to other online backgammon software.

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Presentation of Agame backgammon

Backgammon Agame is one game among many other on the website. On the plus side, we can say that this platform is free and offers a nice visual experience for the user, but that about it. The most annoying part is that you can only play against the computer and the least that we can say is that the A.I of your opponent is absolutely horrible. The only preoccupation of the computer is to move its checkers forward. Simple strategic moves, like making a point or hitting a checker are completely out of the equation. Thus, playing on Agame is not challenging at all and become boring very quickly. If you are looking for a software that helps you improve your game, you ‘d better don’t waste your time on Agame backgammon because most of the A.I moves are absolutely horrendous.

Visually, the virtual board is pleasant, but not great. On the plus side, you will find a pips counter that shows you what is your position in the race against the computer. Another thing that we don’t like is the presence of a timer set up on 2 min per move that doesn’t allow you to take your time in a position you would like to study deeply. In other words, backgammon Agame doesn’t even give you the possibility to take your time to be familiarized with the game.

Our opinion on Agame backgammon

There are some platforms out there which are not great but can help you improve your game or make you understand crucial strategic points about backgammon and Agame backgammon is not one of them. With its really bad AI, no possibility to play a match and a timer that makes you rush your play, Agame has nothing great to offer. We strongly recommend you not to waste your time on this platform because there are many better options on the internet.

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Agame Backgammon


Ease of use






Device availability


Players feedbacks



  • - Free to play
  • - No registration needed
  • - Available on desktop and mobile


  • - No leaderboard available
  • - Impossible to play against real players
  • - Bad AI

About the Author: David Ridel

My name is David, I have been passionate about Backgammon for many years now. I play actively live and online to perfect my knowledge and become a backgammon master. It’s a long and difficult process, but I am determined to progress and I hope we will help each other on this website.

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