What is a double consultation in Backgammon?

Backgammon is not a game for 2 players only. There are different ways to play backgammon with three people or more. Chouette is one of them, and double consultation is another. How do you play a double consultation match and what is the purpose of it? Backgammon-rules.com gives you all the answers. 

How do you play backgammon double consultation?

Playing a double consultation match in backgammon is very easy. All you need is a backgammon set and 4 players willing to compete. Basically, a double consultation match is on every aspect identical to an ordinary backgammon match. The only exception is that you play with a partner against 2 other players.

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So, every time you have to move your checkers, you can consult with your partner to decide what the best possible move is. Of course your opponents can do the same, which means this is not simply 2 brains competing against each other, but 4.

In regard to rolling the dice between partners, there is no specific rule. You can choose to roll one after the other or that only one of you is going to roll, it doesn’t matter. You can set up all the specific rules that you want, as long as the other team is fine with it.

The way to keep score is the same as an ordinary backgammon match. Thus, you don’t need a specific backgammon double consultation sheet to keep track of the score.

Like chouette, it is a variation of backgammon that you cannot find online. If you want to play double consultation, you need to play live. Every big event on the backgammon tournament circuit offers a double consultation tournament beside the main event. This can be a great opportunity to embark on a wonderful adventure with a friend.

It can be a great way to learn quickly about the game. If your partner is more experienced than you, you will learn a great deal about tactics just by listening to the way he or she thinks about a particular position. It is also a great opportunity to make new friends. Is it not what backgammon is all about?

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